Cost Reductions

The companies installed in Centro Empresarial de São Paulo, can enjoy advantages and exclusive differentials of a modern intelligent Telecom platform:

Focused in the main activity - Here in the Complex companies can focus on their product or service and Austacem will manage all voice resources for you.

Competition Advantage - The shared extension cost is 15-20% lower than the outsourced ones.

Assignment - We are fully prepared to meet any customers’ needs. In our telephone central we count on last generation phone equipments that enable us to answer through analogical, digital or IP extensions, voice messaging, personalized music, and many other facilities such as: called ID, Call forwarding, phone capture, conference calls etc.

System management - We count on managerial systems and personnel that follow up closely all equipment operations, which enables fast action in case of failure or service interruption.

Equipment Maintenance - The main systems have double feeding and processing and we count on a resident technician from the IT supplier and a ON-Site replacement pieces inventory.

Structure - Our facilities rely on a nonstop electricity system (battery bank and generator), besides air conditioning, security system and fire detection and fighting.

Sharing Trunk Lines - A contract with major phone carriers grants great resources availability.

Pricing System - Exclusive Austacem pricing system enables users to follow up via web, up to 48 hours call history and detailed call reports per extension/cost.

Phone fees - 30 to 40% lower phone fees to LCR system (lower cost routing).

Troubleshooting - Free of charge troubleshooting in up to 1 hour.

Technical Staff - Own team qualified for voice and data wiring systems. 10-year-warranty for service and/or material. We also elaborate technical projects and assemble wiring and optical fiber.

Training and support - Operational support team for extensions and facilities.

Equipment on demand - In Austacem companies only pay for what they need: All equipment and facilities can be ordered or returned at any time.

Connectivity - The Centro Empresarial is the biggest enterprise conglomerate for specialized multimedia services (collocation).

Special Resources - Equipment for video and audio conference may be rented by the hour.

Data - We own a 10 Gigabit Ethernet Backbone Network that interconnects all blocks and floors, internet access, call center applications and corporate connections.

Mobility - Wi-Fi all over the buildings Shopping and Panamby Floors, with free access and possibility to use IP phone services. “home-office” technology is a reality due to IP platforms and VPN Access.

Call Center - We rely on Siemens Enterprise platform that operates with the most advanced technologies such as: intelligent routing, screen transference, CTI integration, statistical reports, customized music, managerial software in real time and besides that URA with voice recognition, call recording and automatic dialer.


The joint Telecom system in Centro Empresarial de São Paulo generates a great amount of resources that enable optimum negotiation towards equipment suppliers and service renderers.

With our own Telecom system the extension cost is R$ 39,30 versus R$ 68,56 (regular market fees).

The modern Telecom system allied to Unify and Avaya, guarantee companies the most advanced Telecom resources in the world.

The system has capacity for 18.000 extensions, and this number can be expanded if necessary. It grants companies total flexibility to get as many extensions as they may need, for as long as they want, even for less than a month period.

Due to the large scale benefit, great discounts were granted by carriers and forwarded to companies, irrelevant of the number of calls they make.

Telecom Outsourcing

When we outsource companies will not need to spend on:


- Phone centrals, servers, managerial software, voice messaging or any other voice platform services;
- Trunk Phone Centrals contracts with telephony companies;
- Equipment and software updating;
- Air conditioning, Electrical Systems with redundancy, fire detection and fighting;
- Space, for equipment and employees.


We hire specialized workforce to operate, maintain and monitor all systems;
We train and update personnel for new platforms and versions;
We manage personnel.


- Piece replacement;
- PBX maintenance contract and other structure systems;
- Maintenance staff;
- Response time for external teams or schedule for internal customer service.


- Specific responsible department;
- Communication quality impacts production;
- Critical resource in terms of reliability and availability;
- Control tools for phone calls and resources, detailed by extension or cost Center.