Frequent Asked Questions

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How can I make calls here in Centro Empresarial? Between extensions: Type the last 5 digits of your phone number
Local calls: 0 + phone number
Long distance or international calls: It is not necessary to dial carrier’s number:
Long distance: 00 + area code + local number
International: 000 + country code + area code + local number

How cheap are the CENESP phone rates? Due to partnerships with major carriers and the great amount of calls in CENESP extensions, Austacem can negotiate cheaper phone rates, therefore offering lower telephony costs.

What advantages does Austacem offer me? Thanks to constant investments, Austacem owns one of the most complete advanced Telecom systems in the world. Providing users total security, reliability and availability for your phone systems.

In case of electrical breakdown, will I be able to use the phone? A contingent energy system, such as electricity generators and battery bank guarantee energy supply while electrical breakdowns are solved.

Which resources are available for me when I use Austacem’s extensions? Depending on the phone set model you use facilities may vary: Electronic phone book, electronic lock, group call capture, conference, consulting, call forwarding, call history, called ID and many other.

What if I want to use my cell phone or an external phone to answer calls from my extension? This is one advantage Austacem can offer you. You have this option that gives you mobility to answer your calls even if you are not in your place of work.

What if my extension presents any problems? Austacem counts on a steady team for troubleshooting. You Just have to call Austacem central (extension 17660) and the technicians will check and solve the problem for you and provide suitable maintenance.

Is it possible to make a “recall” for external phones? No. Due to the many different Telecom systems that do not follow Standards.

How can I change ID (name on display) in the extension? The Company manager has to require the name change via CCS WEB.

When I get the hand set I hear “You have a message”. Now what? It can be a call forward or an incoming voice message.

How can I capture my colleague’s phone calls? You have to tell the manager so that He requires via CCS WEB a group of phone capture with the extension you need to group. Bear in mind that every extension can take part in only one group.

Is it possible to block my extension for external calls? Yes, a six digit number has to be required by the company’s manager (He, himself only) which will enable the automatic or manual blocking or unblocking for that extension.

I forgot my extension inbox password. Now what? Firstly your manager has to issue an order via CCS WEB to delete your former password, then we will send you the procedure to create a new one.

Na LCD phone set will work in my house? The peculiarities in this kind of phone set prevents it from working in conventional phone lines. Neither will digital phone sets work in analogical lines.

What documents do I need to present Austacem in case of a project? The required documents are:
- Copy of their CREA (Engineers Identification Number);
- ART payment (Engineering Service Tax);
- 02 Printed and signed copies of full project;
- 02 printed copies of the Lay-out (wiring pathways);
- Service Order Issuing for Austacem’s technician to follow-up;
- Project Execution Schedule.

I want Austacem to execute the Project, what do I do? Make an appointment for a meeting when the project details will be discussed, after that we will send you a cost estimate.

How do I approve of the project? The customer has to respond the e-mail requiring Project’s approval or issue an order.

I need to install 20 extensions in my company, what do I do? Make an appointment for a meeting when the project details will be discussed, after that we will send you a cost estimate.

How long will it take you to send me a cost estimate? With all the info at hand and the approval procedure done the cost estimate usually take 3 working days.

A technician installed an extension and told me there are no available pairs in my floor. What should I do? We will send a cost estimate to amplify the primary network for company’s approval.

A technician installed an extension and told me there are no vacant positions in my Patch Panel. What should I do? We will send you a cost estimate for a new Patch Panel purchase.

I hired a company to execute a network Project in my company can they do the telephony part as well? No, the phone wiring is Austacem’s responsibility only.

I hired a company to assemble the wiring in my company can they use Austacem’s structures? Yes. As long as you present the Project and Austacem approves of it.

What kind of wiring can the company I hired assemble in Austacem’s structures? Telecom wires only.

We need Austacem to supply Switches, Hub’s or other network active equipment, is it possible? No. Austacem does not supply network active equipment.

What are the advantages do I enjoy from a VoIP extension? Mobility and low cost, since wherever there is an internet connection, users can utilize the company’s number and benefit from Autacem’s phone rates.

How much does this technology cost? The cost will depend on necessity and package chosen. Rates are detailed on CCSWeb. For further information, contact extension 17660.

Can I use the phone outside Centro Empresarial de São Paulo? Yes, if you order the combo Softphone + VPN, anywhere in the world you can access the internet, just type in your data and password and you will be able to use your extension with all its features.

Does it have national coverage? It has world wide coverage as long as the user has access to Broadband internet, login and password.

Does the service offer lower costs? Yes, with the extension mobility, long distance calls and cell phone rates can be avoided and rates will be priced like the calls made in Centro Empresarial de São Paulo.

Eg.01: A user in RJ: After He connects VPN, He Will be able to Access his São Paulo number.

Eg.02: An employee is on a business trip in USA, through an internet connection and Access to his VPN, He can use his extension Just as if he were inside Centro Empresarial de São Paulo.

Eg.03: A Sales rep is visiting a customer, He can access his extension from his customer’s Office via Wi Fi or cell phone.

Do I have to have an internet provider? Your connection continues as it was before. If you use a provider keep on using one. Bear in mind that Austacem provides free internet access for all workers CENESP and that coverage ranges all ground floors and underground floor. To have an access it is not necessary to have an internet provider just a login and password. For further information, contact extension 17660.

How will I be charged for the calls? The same way the extension is charged. A phone bill will be sent to your company.

How much will the rates be? The same fees adopted for the conventional extensions in Centro Empresarial de São Paulo.

What kind of PC or equipment should I purchase? Requirements: Windows 2000 or XP, 1GHZ Processor, 1GB RAM, Cd Rom Drive, USB phone connection, microphone and Softphone.

SIP technology phone set that will be provided by Austacem.

Is there a mobile phone set or only fixed ones? Yes, there is a model that uses Wi-Fi. For further information contact extension 17660.

Can I make an emergency call? Yes, if the user’s extension has a program for external calls.

What is VoIP? The acronym has to do with the internet protocol (Voice over Internet Protocol). The voice, through specific equipment and software is transformed in a data package and instead of using phone extensions it will use internet access.

What is SIP? SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and it is about a signal protocol that establishes calls and conferences via IP protocols. The establishment, change or termination of each session is irrelevant of the kind of media or application used. One call can use different kinds of data, including audio and video.

O que é VPN? It is a Virtual Private Network - VPN built on a public communication network like the internet, for instance. Data traffic is taken through a public network using encrypted protocols. The protocols are encrypted by tunneling which provide confidentiality, authentication and integrity enough to guarantee privacy for required communications ensuring safe connections throughout unsafe networks.

How safe are the calls? The calls are encrypted by VPN and IP PBX protocols.

How do I get remote access? Through a Broadband internet connection, a VPN user provided by Austacem.

Do phone calls have a good quality? It depends on the quality and capacity of equipment (laptop, earphones, internet connection) used. If users guarantee these basic requirements Austacem will guarantee good quality calls.

Is it possible to receive or send a fax via VoIP? Yes, if you purchase a VoIP conversor for an analogical one. This facility is the users' responsibility.

Will I need two network wires one for the phone and the other one for the computer? It depends on the chosen Project for VoIp implementation. For further information, contact extension 17660.

Will my company necessarily need an Austacem outlet? It depends on the chosen Project for VoIp implementation. For further information, contact extension 17660.

Is there any problem in the transmission if many users are using the service simultaneously? No, Austacem is fully equipped to attend any kind of demand.

Is the transmission and reception in real time? It depends on the quality and capacity of the equipment and connection (laptops, ear sets and internet connection) the user chooses. If users guarantee these basic requirements Austacem will guarantee good quality calls.

How can I access the Wi-Fi? The order is made by issuing an order.

How can I issue an order? Through the company by a worker in charge in our portal via CCS WEB.

Any Cenesp employee can have Wi-Fi Access? Yes, the Wi-Fi network is for workers, service renderers, visitors and tenants’ use.

Do I have to pay anything to use Wi-Fi? No, Austacem disposes of free Access for Cenesp users.

What is the Wi-Fi range? It covers Shopping, Panamby floor, Elevators gardens and Blocks G and F. Check here.

Can my company have a dedicated Wi-Fi access? Yes. Contact our extension 17660, so that we can elaborate a Project and estimate.

To Access the messages “” appears what should I do? Check if you are dialing your user data and password correctly, if you have any doubts; contact us through our extension 17660.

With which equipment can I use Wi-Fi? Computers, notebooks, PDAs, cell phones or any equipment with wireless connection 802.11 a/b/g.

How can I change my password? Acess here.

What is a PA? PA - is the place and workstation where attendants are, that means the equipment used by the Call Center. Austacem supplies the telephone outlet with their specific programmed features for the Call Center. It is digital and that enables attendants to obtain info such as: kind of call, caller ID even before they answer the call.
The functions and Keys supply the attendants with all necessary tools to interact with customers in the Call Center.

What is DAC? Automatic Call Distributor: this facility can automatically select a free attending position for incoming calls, enabling equal call distribution.

I need to contract a Call Center service with Austacem, what should I do? If the call service involves 1 800 or 4000 services they should be contracted directly with carriers. You should also require a DDR Austacem number that you will provide the Carrier who will program the service for the appointed number.

What is URA? URA - Audible Response Unit is a specific hardware for telephony operations such as: answering, dialing, disconnecting, recognizing, speaking, etc.
URA attends all calls right away and provide service options through prompts and digitalized voice menus.

Can my central work at any time during the week? Yes, the Call Center has different time tables to meet any customers’ needs.

What are night service or call waiting systems? Night service: When the client calls at night time when there is no service you can choose outgoing messages for instance:
“Thanks for calling Austacem, our working times are from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.”
Call waiting: Outcoming message for when customers call and all attendants are busy.
For instance: “Thanks for calling Austacem, please hold”.

Will my central have a pre attending service and a night service, for example “Thanks for calling Austacem…”. If all the attendants are busy? Yes, all incoming calls go through a call waiting and night messages.

If all the attendants are busy or in pause what will happen to callers? When that happens the phone central starts a queuing incoming calls. When the operator is free again the central automatically transfers the calls for them.

Is it possible to monitor call status in real time? Yes, the supervisor will have access to the monitoring software and will be able to access call status in real time with info about number of calls, call history, service level, attendance time and time on hold and many other features. He will be able to monitor attendants and know their specific status: available, in pause, on line etc.

How are my calls controlled in terms of history in the Call Center? The Austacem Call Center was designed to create its own reports allowing to customize necessary columns for your own report. In addition to your own reports you can use default reports that contain the most commonly used statistics.
You can use model reports or make copies and customize them in order to meet your business’ needs.

Is it possible for me to have phone calls recordings from my Call Center group? Yes, Austacem has a recording system that enables saving phone calls which will guarantee integrity and security for customers, workers and transactions.

How can I have an Austacem internet access? The order is made by issuing an order.

Do I have any installation cost? Yes, there is a fee for labor and materials.

Is there a grace period for internet links? For shared links there is no grace period provision. For dedicated links the grace period is for 6 months.

Do I need any specific equipment to install the internet link Austacem, (Example Modem)? No, the only necessary equipment is one that supports Ethernet (network interface card).

What are the band warranties for shared and dedicated links? For shared links Austacem guarantees minimum 12,5% and for dedicated links 100% for download or upload.

Can I contract 01 Austacem internet for only some days? Yes, Austacem works with links on demand. Contact us and check out the conditions.

I am having problems with my access. Does Austacem have a technical support team? Yes, Austacem relies on specialized technicians that will solve any access problems related to internet. Contact extension 17660.

After I issue an order how long will it take for Austacem to install the link? Up to 3 working days.

Can I monitor my internet link? Yes, Austacem disposes in the customers’ area a MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) that monitors link usage in real time.