Call Center

The Call Center is destined to process calls whose data can be stored for managing customer assistance and structuring the central.

The product’s conception enables the creation of many call routers in order to meet any users’ needs. Besides that we use diverse technology so that projects fit into applications such as: Interactive Voice Response, Voice Mail, Computer and Telephone Integration.

Through the IVR, customers can build their own menus with voice message that will speed up their needs the identification, for outgoing messages, faxing or forwarding calls to the central.

The management applications store a collection of data and info that enables the observance and management of the central as well as dimensioning of personnel and system.

(CTI) Computer Telephone Integration

Enables various applications such as Call Center automation, Midleware integration between Telecom systems and IT, which automatically changes the screen so that the attendants can access users’ data bank. The system can identify which service has been requested (1-800, for instance) forwarding the call to the right assistant or department.

Management Application:

Through a graphic interface based on Windows platform, the centrals’ supervisors can monitor group activities in real time or through report history.


IVR is a product platform that enables a series of voice or fax applications such as: bank statement, public service, order takeouts, merchandise status, etc...

This product can support many voice processing applications that will meet many customers’ needs.

The resources in the system also integrate many Technologies therefore it fits to any necessary application.

Digital Recording


- HD storing
- DVD recording
- Redundancy Option
- Via Lan management
- Detailed search tool system
- Password configuration
- Search and Monitoring in real time through VoxPerfect software
- General statistics or by channel
- Call evaluation and reports

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