Corporate network

Austacem offers a series of services that can integrate many of your company’s branches all over Brazil and world-wide as well, via voice, fax, data transmission or videoconference. Our solutions are customizable and fit many different network systems or traffic profiles with various technological alternatives.

Ours activities start by understanding what users need, afterwards we plan, project implant and operate the service. Only then we go back to the initial stage to evaluate the service we are providing and guarantee that the Project meets customers’ Telecom needs.

Corporate Networks integrate the communication among branches in a company, therefore we can offer more speed, economy and efficiency in info transmission.

- Speed - The communication among branches is faster due to an exclusive interconnection that does not require dialing all numbers, area codes or country codes that the regular public networks demand.

- Economy - It is not necessary to make long distance calls every time you need to communicate with other branches because they are interconnected.

- Efficiency - Due to this integration, no matter the distance, we can provide more reliable and more efficient information transmission.

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