Mobility is an increasingly important issue for companies and workers to Interact more easily, economically and integrated with companies’ resource. Focused in this trending concept Austacem provides (via VoIP) flexible options that fit any companies’ needs.

The platform is integrated to the other installed systems (Backbone, WI-FI and VPN) which enables usage of any voice services from Centro Empresarial de São Paulo at any time or place where there is internet access.

The system enables users to have an IP extension at their desk, to have remote access via VPN anywhere in the world or even via Wi-FI have ample coverage throughout all Shopping, Panamby floor and Gardens in the Centro Empresarial de São Paulo to receive or make calls from their own extension.

Austacem’s system serves any company or user purposes and may develop solutions such as:

- Fixed IP extension - for companies that do not need to leave their premises, but need technological innovation.

- IP Wi-Fi extension - can be used by professionals that are not stationary, softphone can be logged from anywhere and access the Wi-Fi network to receive or make calls.

- Portable IP extension - conceived for all kinds of professionals that travel on business and need to work inside customers’ networks. Via VPN they will receive and make calls from anywhere in the world.


The major benefits for the system’s implantation are: mobility, innovation and cost reduction. The system provides access from anywhere, in the hallways and gardens in the Centro Empresarial or even in JFK’s lounge in New York. All this technological innovation will lower costs with telephony since the fees in Centro Empresarial São Paulo are the most attractive ones in the market and you can also have a VoIP in the headquarter or at any other branches.

For the companies installed in Centro Empresarial de São Paulo that have branches in other places in the country and in the world, the new platform enables everyone to be integrated to one single network due to a partnership with Siemens Enterprise, that makes projects and integrated VoIP solutions feasible and customized according to companies’ needs and installations.

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